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Blog > Tips > Top Signs That Your Car Needs A Service

 February 22 2016

Much of what I’m about to tell you isn’t rocket science. In fact, a lot of it’s pretty obvious. But let me tell you this – you’d be amazed at how many (usually pretty intelligent) people ignore these signs and end up forking out for big repair jobs that could’ve been prevented… if they’d only had a service at the right time.

So here goes:

1. Your engine light’s flashing

Most cars nowadays have computerised monitors that are programed to tell you when its engine needs to be checked. If the engine light is simply on, this means you should get it checked sooner rather than later. But, if it’s flashing, you need to get it checked immediately – that’s now, not tomorrow or the next day… Remember, big repair jobs don’t come cheap.

2. Your exhaust is smoking more than normal

This signifies a good chance of an oil leak. Take a look around the exhaust. If you see a black residue, call a mechanic as soon as poss.

3. There are changes in your car’s transmission

Most folks know they’re car well, so it’s pretty easy to tell if there’s a change to how your car is dealing with something. I mean, for example, if you’re putting your foot down and just not getting anywhere or your car’s making any strange noises, get it booked in for a check ASAP.

4. Your car is leaking

Any significant fluid leaks coming from underneath your car? If it’s the height of summer and the fluid’s clear, it’s probably just coming from your AC and totally normal. But bright green or dark red/broom fluid probably means your car’s oozing coolant, transmission oil, engine oil or brake fluid – call a mechanic.

5. Your car’s making funny noises

Dragging/droning noises could be your wheel or differential bearings going bad. Grinding/squealing noises when slowing down are most likely your brakes. Neither should be ignored.

6. The engine’s shuddering

Chances are this is a performance problem so book your vehicle in for a check up.

7. Your engine’s smoking

(Remember, not rocket science.) Get to a repair shop pronto

If you’d like advice on any of the above points, give our friendly team a call now.

We’ll get your car checked out and, if necessary, repaired quickly.


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