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We are still open during these uncertain times and have put in place extra cleaning processes to ensure we do our best to keep our staff and our customers safe.

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  1. Top Signs That Your Car Needs A Service

      February 22 2016

    Much of what I’m about to tell you isn’t rocket science. In fact, a lot of it’s pretty obvious. But let me tell you this – you’d be amazed at how many (usually pretty intelligent) people ignore these signs and end up forking out for big repair jobs that could’ve been prevented… if they’d only […]


  2. Get ‘Road – Trip Ready’

      January 22 2016

    So … the kids have got their DVDs, tablets, DSs and (wishful thinking?) a selection of books packed and ready to keep them entertained. You’ve got the snacks to hand, a week’s clothing for the family crammed into a suitcase and your route programmed into your navigation system. Ready? Not quite – let’s check the […]


  3. No Water? You Can Still Wash Out Your Car’s Engine.

      January 22 2015

    It’s summer, there are water restrictions and – anyway – you like to do your bit for the environment where you can. But … you also like to take good care of your car. Here are The Flying Spanner’s top tips on how to give your car’s engine a DIY wash outwithout using up precious water. […]



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