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Blog > Tips > No Water? You Can Still Wash Out Your Car’s Engine.

 January 22 2015

It’s summer, there are water restrictions and – anyway – you like to do your bit for the environment where you can. But … you also like to take good care of your car.

Here are The Flying Spanner’s top tips on how to give your car’s engine a DIY wash outwithout using up precious water.

What you’ll need:

  • A scrub brush
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • All-purpose engine degreaser
  • A couple of plastic bags

Step 1

First things first, check your engine is cool to touch. This is important for the obvious reason (we’d like you to keep your skin in tact) but also because if you spray the degreaser on a hot engine, it’ll just evaporate. It needs time to work.

Step 2

Check for and remove any loose debris such as sticks, leaves or (if you’re really lucky) a creature or two.

Step 3

Cover the delicate parts of the engine including your air intake and any exposed electrical components (this is what those plastic bags are for).

Step 4

Get degreasing! Spray down the surface then let the degreaser set for at least 30 seconds before gently scrubbing each section.

Step 5

Wipe the surface dry with your microfiber towels. Be sure to check under the hoses to make sure the degreaser hasn’t collected there.

Step 6

If you’re really geeky like us, now’s the time to make that engine really sparkle! A little protectant, one of your microfiber cloths and a little bit of care and attention will get that beautiful shine.

Make sure your car’s engine is in tip-top condition; book it in for a check up The Flying Spanner today.


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