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 January 22 2016

So … the kids have got their DVDs, tablets, DSs and (wishful thinking?) a selection of books packed and ready to keep them entertained. You’ve got the snacks to hand, a week’s clothing for the family crammed into a suitcase and your route programmed into your navigation system.

Ready? Not quite – let’s check the car’s all set too.

Get a vehicle check

This is something to do a few days before you set off. Get all your vehicle’s systems checked – including tyres, brakes, battery, wipers and AC (especially if you’re going somewhere hot).

Don’t assume your spare tyre is ready for use

Double check it’s inflated properly and that it is in good condition in case you need it.

Pack a first aid kit for you car

Yep, it’s not just mossie repellent and bandages to worry about. You need to pack jump leads and road flares – especially if you’re headed into the bush. (And a spare set of car keys is a good idea too!)

Pack sensibly

Place heavier items at the centre of your vehicle, tie down any loose items and don’t overload (dangerous and unsafe for you and others on the road).

Finally, here’s a list of things that The Flying Spanner has forgotten before and had to drive a long way back for:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Auto Insurance Info
  • Medical Insurance Info

Don’t make the same mistake!

To get your vehicle checked out before your road trip, give our friendly team a call now.


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